The Summer Adventures and Misadventures of Adventure Boy

The story of my trips to Mexico.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Trip Back

After the Desert Museum, it was the day to leave. So that night we started packing. I sneaked into the kitchen where they were packing and they showed me my presents. One of my presents was a little chest where you light incense cones. And then there were two keychains: one with a turtle and one with an elephant. They both moved. I chose the elephant, so the turtle was for Princess Pink Horse. We put my clothes in a suitcase and the things they gave me in a little chest. Then they gave me Aunt Turtle's incense stick and lit it. With that I went to sleep pretty easily.

They told me we would start the trip at night when I was not awake yet. I fell asleep and then it got cold and I suddenly woke up. I was already in the car! Then I tried to go back to sleep, but I couldn't do it, so the morning came and I was a little bit sleepy and it was boring. Then I started seeing mirages because it was so hot. I even started seeing cactus and bull skulls! Then I saw one cactus had flowers. We finally found a resting spot under a patch of trees. We ate a few snacks we packed and then went down for a little walk. Then we got back into the car and came to a town in Texas. We ate at a restaurant called River Smith's. I ate some fish and got a cutout whale, a cutout shark, a cutout submarine, and a cutout treasure chest. Then we found a hotel near River Smith's. We watched a bit of TV and went to sleep.

When I woke up we had pancakes for breakfast and we got in the car and started driving again. I did a few games and saw some machines looking for oil. And that's all I remember until I came home and I gave Princess Pink Horse her presents. I can't wait to go to Mexico again next Summer!


Monday, August 21, 2006

The Desert Museum

One day we went to the desert museum. It's a museum but its subject is lots of things. It's called "desert museum" because it is in the desert. Everyone in my family, in Mexico, came. It was a long journey to the desert museum, so I tried to entertain myself by playing "I spy" and then we were playing "the rock and the grass" game. I invented the game when we passed through a tunnel. You play it like this: When you get in a tunnel, you say "rock rock rock rock rock" until the tunnel is gone, and when the tunnel is gone, you say "grass grass grass grass grass" until a tunnel appears. Then we saw these electric towers that look like men holding bars. They were two metallic things sticking out and bending out with little bars holding the wires and one big point in between the two, holding one wire. Then Dinosaur Boy, who was sitting next to me, spied a giant iron bull. It was made of bars. Then we spied a truck which was ENOOOOUUURMOUS, as long as 9 houses with a trailer on the back that made it 10 houses. Then we had trouble finding the entrance! But then we found it and parked near a pine tree.

Dinosaur Boy wanted a pine cone, but Mr. Man said only after we go to the desert museum. So we went in and saw that the hedges were cut into shapes! The first shape we saw was a peacock, then a rabbit and then a throne. When we got to the ticket stand (the tickets were bracelets that had a picture of a dinosaur), I went to a pond that was nearby and I heard croaking. I didn't see any frogs, but a few fish. Then we got the tickets and went into the desert museum. We went through a door and came to a section about Earth and Animals and Us. We watched a movie and then, one time, I noticed that surprisingly one screen turned off! But for a reason. There was a statue of a wolf behind it. Then we saw other things behind the other TVs, like deer. After that, we came in a circle and back out and then went to the Dinosaur section, and of course, looked at dinosaurs.

First you go down the ramp, then you start seeing the dinosaurs below you. It goes lower and lower and each time you see more dinosaur bones. At the end of the ramp, you walk behind a wall that is in the dinosaur room, and behind it, you find some explanations of The Big Bang and stuff. Then, we go to the Dinosaur Bones! We saw a giant foot, a Tyranousaurus Rex and a duckbill dinosaur, and a Spinosaurus. We kept going where there was a fork in the road. We went to the right side, which was also the right side to go, and came into an Indian room. Then we went in this little glass cave where it looks like you are on water, because the floor is blue. Then we went to a train and someone swung the train back and forth so that it feels like a real ancient train. Then we came out. It was like a real train because at the other side was the Animal section. We touched a lynx fur and went to a bat cave with real bats! Luckily, they were all asleep, except one. We learned about vampire bats, fruit bats, and long-eared bats.

We went into a cave where we popped out of little holes in between animals and Mrs. Lady took pictures. Then we went outside, where there was a little stream of yucky water with doors so you can change where the yucky water goes by moving the doors. When one door closes, another opens. I know how it works, but not how to explain it. Then we went to the toy shop. We bought a few dinosaur posters and a keychain with a cactus for me and a Memorama (Memory game) for Princess Pink Horse. Finally, we went to get Dinosaur Boy's pine cone. My pine cone looked like a snake because it still had a branch on it. One the way back I sang a song I made up that said, "Parece una calabaza, pero no lo es. Parece una calabaza, pero no lo es. Es un cactus. Es un cactus. Es un cactus." which means "It looks like a pumpkin, but it is not. It looks like a pumpkin, but it is not. It's a cactus. It's a cactus." I sang that because the cactus on my keychain was round like a pumpkin.

Friday, August 18, 2006

The Snakes

One day me, Dinosaur Boy, Mr. Man, Mrs. Lady and Aunt Turtle went to the zoo. When we got there, it was raining, so we went to a shelter where there were lots of plants. We looked at a few. I liked a baby tree planted in a bamboo pot. The bamboo was tied with a string in a circle with a platform under it. We were losing time and the zoo was going to be closing in just two and a half hours, so even though it was still raining, we ran from tree to tree trying to not get wet.

Under one tree was a big puddle and near the puddle we found a little bug. We watched as the bug walked toward the puddle and then, surprisingly, he walked into the puddle! Then we got up and hurried to the next tree and then into the Snake Area.

We got in to look at the snakes while it was raining. So we looked at a few snakes: a few rattlers, a few constrictors, and one coral snake. At the end, in a BIG cage, we found a BIG snake and two littler ones. One boy snake was medium and brown and a girl snake was orangish yellow and little. A lady was handling them and said we could touch them. Then she asked us if we wanted to handle them. We said, "yes!" I held the boy snake and Dinosaur Boy held the girl snake. Then the boy snake hooked on my neck and curled around my stomach. I was a little afraid that he would choke me because it looked to me like a constrictor snake, but it didn't. And then the lady that gave us the snakes asked me if I wanted to hold the little one too. I said yes even though the little one kept slipping to Dinosaur Boy. Finally, she stopped trying to go with Dinosaur Boy and curled her head around my pointer finger and her tail to my thumb.

Then we went out and watched a movie about snakes, and boy, they were sneaky! They were sneaky because they just moved toward the mouse and the mouse didn't see them and... striked! One little snake even got a hold of a big snake. I mean, one probably 1-foot snake ate a probably 1.5-foot snake. And a chase with a snake in a mouse's burrow chasing a mouse. Then Mr. Man and Dinosaur Boy went to get some ice because some mosquitos were biting Dinosaur Boy. They went to get a snack even though me and Mrs. Lady didn't know. When we went out to look for them, suddenly Mrs. Lady saw Mr. Man's car driving out of the zoo! We didn't know it was just to get a snack. We were waving our arms after him, but he left. We went after him and found a giant puddle with a little piece that looked like an island in the middle. I said to Mrs. Lady that I could jump to the island from the bank of the puddle, and I did it! She took pictures of me going back and forth, from the island to the bank, the bank to the island.

Then, when she took three pictures, we saw Mr. Man's car pull into the zoo. We went to see them and I went to the back where my seat was, next to Dinosaur Boy and I saw that Dinosaur Boy had some chips called: "conchitas", so we ate them all up and wanted more. So they bought us more which were a different kind and we found cards in their bags. The cards were about soccer. Dinosaur Boy's was red cards. If a guy gave a red card to a person, the person was out. Mine was dumb guy. His name was Torpe von Trap. "Torpe" means clumsy. His clumsiness distracts another player.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Wave Pool

One day we went to Bahia. Bahia is a swimming pool with waves and one kids' area. I went to the wave pool first with Dinosaur Boy and my grandparents. At first, there were no waves. I went to the edge of the pool holding on a rope. Then when I got to the edge of the rope, I let go and my feet touched the ground! I was really surprised that I had grown a little from last Summer. Then a machine turned on, and the waves came. I had to run to shore to not drown by the waves. I made it to shore and sat there where I could still breathe when the waves lapped my legs. I was having fun and then I went leaping over the waves, trying to not touch them (even though I was in them.)

Then we got out and went to the kids area. I saw there was a new play set built. It was a ship with slides and one slide that had water in. I went in all the slides except the one with water. Then I played a little on the whale slide, which his tail is some stairs and we slide out the mouth. Same thing with the frog. When I got to the elephant, I noticed something new. The elephant's nose was spraying water! I quickly got on it and after that, I pretended I was taking a shower with the water he was spraying. Then I went to a grown-up section that they had. I could touch the ground! I went all the way on top of a play lighthouse and then went down the slides that it had.

I went to eat at the car where we had packed watermelon and banana. It was a very good snack. And then I went to a pool that was indoors. It was very fun and since I had grown, I could go a little bit further than I used to. I had a great time at Bahia, but it was time to go home, so I changed and we left. As we left, I took one last glance at Bahia.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Dinosaur Boy's Sleepover

One day, Dinosaur Boy came to Mr. Man's house, where I slept, so he had a sleepover with me.

We built a house out of two chairs and a blanket and slept under it. It was a great time to sleep with him, even though he threw a tantrum because he wanted to build the house alone (Dinosaur Boy wants to be the best). I was a little annoyed when he was crying, so I closed the door. When he stopped crying we built the bed. He was still arguing about him doing it alone. At last we decided how to do it: Mr. Man would put the chairs and the blanket and me and Dinosaur Boy would unroll the bed. So, we made the beds and put some cushions.

We brushed our teeth. Mine was a blue electric toothbrush, Dinosaur Boy's was a Sponge Bob toothbrush. We chose a light, one was blue and one was yellow. Dinosaur Boy chose the yellow one. Then we tried to go to sleep. Mr. Man and Dinosaur Boy fell asleep before me, so I turned on the blue light when Dinosaur Boy was asleep. I wasn't so comfortable with another person in my bed. Finally, I went to sleep.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Mrs. Lady's Garden

I went to Aunt Turtle's room, I asked her where her turtle was. She said it was lost. I will call her Aunt Turtle anyway.

Still thinking about cold-blooded creatures (the turtle, not my aunt), I went out the front door to look for frogs in Mrs. Lady's garden. I was sure to keep away from the new garage they were building. I went and talked to Pepe, the gardner, who cuts the plants and waters them. I was a little sad when he told me that there were no frogs. Pepe also told me that frogs like to live in holes, so I went to look for some holes.

Suddenly I saw a big slope where there was no grass. So I decided to make a waterfall. I made dams out of rocks and sticks. I made bridges out of longer sticks. It was a great waterfall. At the end of the waterfall, it formed a river that made a turn. There was one tiny spot of grass and then a piece with no grass. I really wanted to see the river go through the grass, so I looked to the last piece with no grass behind the grassy spot, but I saw no river.

Then I thought about the frogs living in the holes and peered through the grass, and guess what I found? A hole! I put a stick inside the hole and tried to see what was in there. I didn't hit something and nothing came out. I thought the frogs had left the garden somehow, so I kept looking through the garden and saw some nopales and tried to see if they were ripe. Only one was. So I kept looking and remembered Mrs. Lady's cactus. (It was really hot in Mexico.) I looked at some flat cactus and then I looked for some of my own cactus that I had planted last summer.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Dinosaur Boy's House

One day I went to Dinosaur Boy's House. We played with cars, dinosaurs, even a helicopter that looks like a dragon fly. It was a dragon fly with wings that spin. The dinosaurs had cavemen riders. We pretended that the dinosaurs were fighting. The cars had a set with an elevator to a platform and a crane (the crane was actually from Bob the Builder). The Toy Snatcher was snatching the cars. We played that we were trying to get each other's cars. We watched a movie of The Land Before Time: Invasion of the Tinysaurus, which are tiny apatosaurus. I ate ice cream and one quesadilla and I played with a remote control airplane.

Friday, August 11, 2006

The Trip

When I was sitting waiting for the plane, I was looking at some pictures that were in the airport. One picture was about a butterfly airplane and another was about a peacock airplane. Then finally the real plane arrived. It was just a plain plane. I was a little bit nervous when I was on my way into the plane, but I still wanted to be with Mr. Man. My dad took me in and someone came out and then he told her that I was the one who was going alone. So she took me to my seat. A man was sitting on the seat beside me. I went on the side of the window. Then the plane started driving and then took off.

After some time passed, I looked out the window and saw that we were entering a cloud. I ate plane crackers (crackers in the shape of a plane) and apple juice. When I stopped eating I did some mazes and after that, I read a few books. I read _Quiditch Through the Ages_ and _Magic School Bus Gets Baked in a Cake_. After I finished reading them, I looked out the window. I could already see tiny houses. I read some more _Quiditch Through the Ages_ and looked down again. I thought I could make out some cars! I was a little bit excited and also kind of relieved that we were close to the ground again.

When we got to the airport, Mr. Man was waiting. We went down stairs to meet Mrs. Lady and Aunt Turtle, my mom's sister. We celebrated with hugs and kisses. We found my suitcase and got to their van and we drove home. It became night so I slept on the way.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Packing

One day I was looking at pictures of me in Mexico and I saw a picture of me and Mr. Man. In the picture I was laughing with Mr. Man, sitting on a log. On the log there was a black dragon fly beside me. Suddenly I started to cry. I was crying because I missed Mr. Man and Mrs. Lady, so we planned a trip with me going alone. I made a list with two sections. One said, FOR THE TRIP. The other said, FOR MEXICO. I wrote things I need like toothbrushes, cell phone, bathing suits, snacks, a book of mazes and plane tickets.

Then came the day just before I was going to go. I was so excited and a little nervous. The next day I got in the car and my mom and dad took me to the airport. Princess Pink Horse came too. When I was walking through the security check, Princess Pink Horse started crying because I was leaving. When she was crying I felt sad and a little bit sorry for her.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

About me

Hi, I am Adeventure Boy. I am a 7-year-old boy. I speak two languages. I like fantasy, animals, and dinosaurs. I like to read. A LOT. My birthday is on May 25th.

My sister is Princess Pink Horse. She is almost 3 years old. Dinosaur Boy is my cousin. He lives in Mexico and he just turned 5. The Toy Snatcher is Dinosaur Boy's little brother. Mr. Man and Mrs. Lady are my mom's parents. Mrs. Lady likes painting and Mr. Man likes Math. They live 10 blocks away from Dinosaur Boy's house and 1,300 miles away from my house. That's a hundred million blocks. I think.

This Summer I visited Mr. Man and Mrs. Lady and then they visited me. Read my adventures and misadventures in Mexico with Mr. Man, Mrs. Lady and my two cousins.