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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Wave Pool

One day we went to Bahia. Bahia is a swimming pool with waves and one kids' area. I went to the wave pool first with Dinosaur Boy and my grandparents. At first, there were no waves. I went to the edge of the pool holding on a rope. Then when I got to the edge of the rope, I let go and my feet touched the ground! I was really surprised that I had grown a little from last Summer. Then a machine turned on, and the waves came. I had to run to shore to not drown by the waves. I made it to shore and sat there where I could still breathe when the waves lapped my legs. I was having fun and then I went leaping over the waves, trying to not touch them (even though I was in them.)

Then we got out and went to the kids area. I saw there was a new play set built. It was a ship with slides and one slide that had water in. I went in all the slides except the one with water. Then I played a little on the whale slide, which his tail is some stairs and we slide out the mouth. Same thing with the frog. When I got to the elephant, I noticed something new. The elephant's nose was spraying water! I quickly got on it and after that, I pretended I was taking a shower with the water he was spraying. Then I went to a grown-up section that they had. I could touch the ground! I went all the way on top of a play lighthouse and then went down the slides that it had.

I went to eat at the car where we had packed watermelon and banana. It was a very good snack. And then I went to a pool that was indoors. It was very fun and since I had grown, I could go a little bit further than I used to. I had a great time at Bahia, but it was time to go home, so I changed and we left. As we left, I took one last glance at Bahia.


Blogger Alex said...

Your story reminded me of when I was a girl. We lived in Germany and a short busride from our house was a wave pool. We used to go all of the time, it was so much fun!

Guess what? I found out my sister is going to Mexico next month! I am a little jealous, but happy for her.

Take care & can't wait to read the next installment.

11:24 AM  

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