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Monday, August 14, 2006

Dinosaur Boy's Sleepover

One day, Dinosaur Boy came to Mr. Man's house, where I slept, so he had a sleepover with me.

We built a house out of two chairs and a blanket and slept under it. It was a great time to sleep with him, even though he threw a tantrum because he wanted to build the house alone (Dinosaur Boy wants to be the best). I was a little annoyed when he was crying, so I closed the door. When he stopped crying we built the bed. He was still arguing about him doing it alone. At last we decided how to do it: Mr. Man would put the chairs and the blanket and me and Dinosaur Boy would unroll the bed. So, we made the beds and put some cushions.

We brushed our teeth. Mine was a blue electric toothbrush, Dinosaur Boy's was a Sponge Bob toothbrush. We chose a light, one was blue and one was yellow. Dinosaur Boy chose the yellow one. Then we tried to go to sleep. Mr. Man and Dinosaur Boy fell asleep before me, so I turned on the blue light when Dinosaur Boy was asleep. I wasn't so comfortable with another person in my bed. Finally, I went to sleep.


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