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Monday, August 21, 2006

The Desert Museum

One day we went to the desert museum. It's a museum but its subject is lots of things. It's called "desert museum" because it is in the desert. Everyone in my family, in Mexico, came. It was a long journey to the desert museum, so I tried to entertain myself by playing "I spy" and then we were playing "the rock and the grass" game. I invented the game when we passed through a tunnel. You play it like this: When you get in a tunnel, you say "rock rock rock rock rock" until the tunnel is gone, and when the tunnel is gone, you say "grass grass grass grass grass" until a tunnel appears. Then we saw these electric towers that look like men holding bars. They were two metallic things sticking out and bending out with little bars holding the wires and one big point in between the two, holding one wire. Then Dinosaur Boy, who was sitting next to me, spied a giant iron bull. It was made of bars. Then we spied a truck which was ENOOOOUUURMOUS, as long as 9 houses with a trailer on the back that made it 10 houses. Then we had trouble finding the entrance! But then we found it and parked near a pine tree.

Dinosaur Boy wanted a pine cone, but Mr. Man said only after we go to the desert museum. So we went in and saw that the hedges were cut into shapes! The first shape we saw was a peacock, then a rabbit and then a throne. When we got to the ticket stand (the tickets were bracelets that had a picture of a dinosaur), I went to a pond that was nearby and I heard croaking. I didn't see any frogs, but a few fish. Then we got the tickets and went into the desert museum. We went through a door and came to a section about Earth and Animals and Us. We watched a movie and then, one time, I noticed that surprisingly one screen turned off! But for a reason. There was a statue of a wolf behind it. Then we saw other things behind the other TVs, like deer. After that, we came in a circle and back out and then went to the Dinosaur section, and of course, looked at dinosaurs.

First you go down the ramp, then you start seeing the dinosaurs below you. It goes lower and lower and each time you see more dinosaur bones. At the end of the ramp, you walk behind a wall that is in the dinosaur room, and behind it, you find some explanations of The Big Bang and stuff. Then, we go to the Dinosaur Bones! We saw a giant foot, a Tyranousaurus Rex and a duckbill dinosaur, and a Spinosaurus. We kept going where there was a fork in the road. We went to the right side, which was also the right side to go, and came into an Indian room. Then we went in this little glass cave where it looks like you are on water, because the floor is blue. Then we went to a train and someone swung the train back and forth so that it feels like a real ancient train. Then we came out. It was like a real train because at the other side was the Animal section. We touched a lynx fur and went to a bat cave with real bats! Luckily, they were all asleep, except one. We learned about vampire bats, fruit bats, and long-eared bats.

We went into a cave where we popped out of little holes in between animals and Mrs. Lady took pictures. Then we went outside, where there was a little stream of yucky water with doors so you can change where the yucky water goes by moving the doors. When one door closes, another opens. I know how it works, but not how to explain it. Then we went to the toy shop. We bought a few dinosaur posters and a keychain with a cactus for me and a Memorama (Memory game) for Princess Pink Horse. Finally, we went to get Dinosaur Boy's pine cone. My pine cone looked like a snake because it still had a branch on it. One the way back I sang a song I made up that said, "Parece una calabaza, pero no lo es. Parece una calabaza, pero no lo es. Es un cactus. Es un cactus. Es un cactus." which means "It looks like a pumpkin, but it is not. It looks like a pumpkin, but it is not. It's a cactus. It's a cactus." I sang that because the cactus on my keychain was round like a pumpkin.


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Well done! I feel like I have already been to the Desert Museum, and I don't even know where it is at.

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