The Summer Adventures and Misadventures of Adventure Boy

The story of my trips to Mexico.

Friday, August 18, 2006

The Snakes

One day me, Dinosaur Boy, Mr. Man, Mrs. Lady and Aunt Turtle went to the zoo. When we got there, it was raining, so we went to a shelter where there were lots of plants. We looked at a few. I liked a baby tree planted in a bamboo pot. The bamboo was tied with a string in a circle with a platform under it. We were losing time and the zoo was going to be closing in just two and a half hours, so even though it was still raining, we ran from tree to tree trying to not get wet.

Under one tree was a big puddle and near the puddle we found a little bug. We watched as the bug walked toward the puddle and then, surprisingly, he walked into the puddle! Then we got up and hurried to the next tree and then into the Snake Area.

We got in to look at the snakes while it was raining. So we looked at a few snakes: a few rattlers, a few constrictors, and one coral snake. At the end, in a BIG cage, we found a BIG snake and two littler ones. One boy snake was medium and brown and a girl snake was orangish yellow and little. A lady was handling them and said we could touch them. Then she asked us if we wanted to handle them. We said, "yes!" I held the boy snake and Dinosaur Boy held the girl snake. Then the boy snake hooked on my neck and curled around my stomach. I was a little afraid that he would choke me because it looked to me like a constrictor snake, but it didn't. And then the lady that gave us the snakes asked me if I wanted to hold the little one too. I said yes even though the little one kept slipping to Dinosaur Boy. Finally, she stopped trying to go with Dinosaur Boy and curled her head around my pointer finger and her tail to my thumb.

Then we went out and watched a movie about snakes, and boy, they were sneaky! They were sneaky because they just moved toward the mouse and the mouse didn't see them and... striked! One little snake even got a hold of a big snake. I mean, one probably 1-foot snake ate a probably 1.5-foot snake. And a chase with a snake in a mouse's burrow chasing a mouse. Then Mr. Man and Dinosaur Boy went to get some ice because some mosquitos were biting Dinosaur Boy. They went to get a snack even though me and Mrs. Lady didn't know. When we went out to look for them, suddenly Mrs. Lady saw Mr. Man's car driving out of the zoo! We didn't know it was just to get a snack. We were waving our arms after him, but he left. We went after him and found a giant puddle with a little piece that looked like an island in the middle. I said to Mrs. Lady that I could jump to the island from the bank of the puddle, and I did it! She took pictures of me going back and forth, from the island to the bank, the bank to the island.

Then, when she took three pictures, we saw Mr. Man's car pull into the zoo. We went to see them and I went to the back where my seat was, next to Dinosaur Boy and I saw that Dinosaur Boy had some chips called: "conchitas", so we ate them all up and wanted more. So they bought us more which were a different kind and we found cards in their bags. The cards were about soccer. Dinosaur Boy's was red cards. If a guy gave a red card to a person, the person was out. Mine was dumb guy. His name was Torpe von Trap. "Torpe" means clumsy. His clumsiness distracts another player.


Blogger Alex said...

Oh my goodness! You are very brave to let a snake climb on you like that. I will have to show the picture to Alex tomorrow, he is sleeping now.

I like the way you describe your adventures, it paints a very clear picture in my head.

5:57 PM  
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