The Summer Adventures and Misadventures of Adventure Boy

The story of my trips to Mexico.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Mrs. Lady's Garden

I went to Aunt Turtle's room, I asked her where her turtle was. She said it was lost. I will call her Aunt Turtle anyway.

Still thinking about cold-blooded creatures (the turtle, not my aunt), I went out the front door to look for frogs in Mrs. Lady's garden. I was sure to keep away from the new garage they were building. I went and talked to Pepe, the gardner, who cuts the plants and waters them. I was a little sad when he told me that there were no frogs. Pepe also told me that frogs like to live in holes, so I went to look for some holes.

Suddenly I saw a big slope where there was no grass. So I decided to make a waterfall. I made dams out of rocks and sticks. I made bridges out of longer sticks. It was a great waterfall. At the end of the waterfall, it formed a river that made a turn. There was one tiny spot of grass and then a piece with no grass. I really wanted to see the river go through the grass, so I looked to the last piece with no grass behind the grassy spot, but I saw no river.

Then I thought about the frogs living in the holes and peered through the grass, and guess what I found? A hole! I put a stick inside the hole and tried to see what was in there. I didn't hit something and nothing came out. I thought the frogs had left the garden somehow, so I kept looking through the garden and saw some nopales and tried to see if they were ripe. Only one was. So I kept looking and remembered Mrs. Lady's cactus. (It was really hot in Mexico.) I looked at some flat cactus and then I looked for some of my own cactus that I had planted last summer.


Blogger Alex said...

Adventure Boy, you are a really talented writer for one so young. I hope you continue writing every day!

12:15 PM  
Blogger Adventure Boy said...

Thank you.

You know? This story is real. I promis I'll continue every day.

7:07 PM  

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